The Ride
We Ride together

Two Knights on a Steel Steed: 

Brothers Ride from Glasgow to Budapest Two brothers, clad in shining armor and mounted on a powerful motorcycle, embark on a daring journey, not on horseback across ancient lands, but on metal steeds across modern Europe.  This is not your typical sightseeing trip. These brothers are modern-day knights, their motorcycles their noble steeds. Their armor? Helmets, leathers, and the unwavering spirit of adventure. Their quest? To forge memories, push boundaries, and experience the rich tapestry of Europe, one mile at a time. 

 **From Cobblestones to Highways:**

 Their journey begins in bustling Glasgow, the hum of the city replaced by the rumble of their engine as they head south.  the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands give way to Rolling hills of England, each twist and turn a challenge, each vista a reward. Ferries carry them across the English Channel, and soon, the continent stretches before them. 

**Knights and Castles:** 

Their route winds through historic towns and charming villages, where time seems to have stood still. They may not encounter dragons or damsels in distress, but ancient castles whisper tales of chivalry, and friendly locals offer warm welcomes and stories of their own.

**The Road Less Traveled:** 

They veer off the beaten path, seeking hidden gems and forgotten roads. They navigate bustling cities like Amsterdam and Berlin, their metallic steeds drawing curious glances. They camp under starlit skies, the crackling fire their hearth, the vastness of Europe their castle walls.

 **More Than Just a Ride:** 

This journey is more than just conquering miles. It's about brotherhood, shared experiences, and forging an unbreakable bond. It's about pushing their limits, testing their courage, and discovering the depths of their own resilience. 

**Follow Their Quest:**

 Join their adventure online! Follow their blog, Instagram, or Youtube channel for daily updates, breathtaking photos, and inspiring stories. Share their journey, cheer them on, and be captivated by the spirit of two modern-day knights on their epic quest from Glasgow to Budapest. 

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Donate to a cancer research 

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